What I Learned at this Year’s Rally for Life

I had never been to the Rally for Life in Colorado before, even though I grew up in Colorado. I have been to the March for Life in DC, and it had been a while since I participated in any sort of pro-life demonstration.

This year’s event happened on Saturday and it amazed me. There was a crowd of thousands and reflecting back on the experience, I walked away with some interesting insights.

My mom and I on the steps of the Capital building during the 2018 Rally for Life.
Photo by Steve Crites

Colorado was the first state to legal abortion

Early in the event, the MC recalled how in 1967, a young and eager state representative named Richard Lamm passed a bill six years before Roe v. Wade passed that legalized abortion in the state, making it the first state in the United States to legalize abortion.

I did not know this and it hit close to home. Those who know me well know that I love Colorado and I’m very proud to be a native, but it was heartbreaking to learn my state started the horrible snowball effect that is legal abortion in the United States. But despite this, the call that echoed through the attendees was, “It started here, it ends here.” 

The Prolife Movement is for all, no matter the race, age, or gender

One of the most moving parts of the whole rally is that this cause is for all. Families were there with babies only weeks old. Elderly men and women walked arm in arm with college students. A girl, not much older than two, marched in her snow boots with her dad closely following behind.  

One of my favorite moments was seeing a handful of Native Americans from a local tribe in very traditional dress with rattles around their ankle and drums and hand shakers dancing and yipping as we circled the blocks.

A local tribe during the Rally for Life.
Photo by Hannah Crites

I saw people of all races: Latino, African American, Whites, Asian, Indian. Name a race, I saw it. The pro-life agenda is for all, and that is represented in the people who attended.

The Pro-life Movement is rooted in joy

Abortion is a horrible reality that our country faces every day. Hundreds of thousands of children are murdered in Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities every year. One little boy held up a sign that read “1/3 of my generation is missing.” Now I want to fact check this, but it is still absolutely horrifying to think of the young lives that we are missing today.

Photo by Steve Crites

Those who are pro-life have an uncanny ability to remember and mourn those lives that have been lost but also have a heart of joy and hope. We smiled, we cheered, we praised God. The atmosphere was one of joy and celebration because we had the opportunity to show the city that we were a voice for the voiceless. We are going to find a way to end these horrible, horrible crimes with peace and love. Hear us roar.

Generosity changes hearts

I’ll admit, I was not feeling well during the rally. I’ve been battling a bad cold and stomach bug for a couple days. But I went to the mass and rally anyway. Mass was a battle, I was sniffling, coughing, and blowing my nose through the whole thing and I felt really low and insecure by the end. I don’t think people cared, but I did feel guilty. As I walked out of the Cathedral, I was greeted two people who were handing out hot and fresh bratwurst to mass attendees. Mass had started at 11:00 and the rally was immediately after. Most people were skipping lunch to attend both, and they wanted to feed us as a thank you for attending the Rally.

I was floored and my mood immediately changed. It was a standard bratwurst on a simple bun, but I can honestly say it was the best bratwurst I had ever had because of their generosity. I was able to walk to the Capital (which is only a city block away) with a new attitude and I almost forgot that I was sick.

If my mood was changed like that with a simple bratwurst, imagine how the prolife movement can change hearts if we reach out to the other side with that same generosity. How much more would they be willing to hear our perspectives and stories. It would change hearts.

I can do more

Abortion is an issue that is very near and dear to my heart. I believe in those children’s right to live and see their murders as true evil. There is nothing more sacred and beautiful than life in the womb, and to destroy that gives evil no greater satisfaction.

Enjoying the Rally with my parents.
Photo by Steve Crites

I pray every day for an end to abortion and frequently offer masses for the cause and give monetary support to local crisis pregnancy centers.

But, I’m ashamed to say that it’s been almost four years since I last attended a rally like Saturday’s rally, and three years since I last stood outside an abortion facility and prayed. It hit me during the event that I can do more.

I’m in a stage in my life where I’m not attached to children or marriage or religious vocation. Right now, is the most time I’m going to have for myself and I need to do more to help the cause while I am still able. I don’t know what that is going to look like yet. It’s something I’m going to think and pray about, but I know I want to do more.

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